Onsite Massage Therapist Lafayette, LA

Thai Massage Lafayette LA

Thai Massage is an intense and deeply relaxing experience, much like a yoga practice. This is a comfortable, fully clothed treatment using a combination of massage, marma therapy, stretching, twisting, energy work and breath, all rolled into one relaxing experience.

Thai Massage goes back 1,500 years with roots in both Ayurveda and yoga. The theoretical foundation of Thai Massage Lafayette LA is based on the concept of invisible energy lines running through the body. The Indian origin and influence becomes obvious here since the background of this theory clearly lies in yoga philosophy. Yoga philosophy asserts that life energy (called prana) is absorbed with the air we breathe and with the food we consume. Along a network of energy lines, our prana nadis, (a human being), is supplied with this vital energy.

These energy lines are invisible and cannot be verified anatomically. They form a sort of a “second skin” a second body in addition to the physical body. Called Pranamaya or energy body, our second body is comprised of a multitude of energy lines, said to be 72,000 lines, however that may be, there are multiple lines and out of this multitude Thai Massage has selected 10 main lines “Sen” on which there are especially important acupressure points. Massaging these points make it possible to treat certain diseases or to relieve pain. These points are called Marma points, working these points are the most direct method of harmonizing prana “Life” In the physical body. Marma therapy is used as a part of most Ayuruedic treatments and is of primary importance in self-care and self-healing.

(1 hr) $80 or (1 hr 30 min) $110

I am a certified teacher of Ananda and Ashtanga yoga traditions, as well as a licensed practicing massage therapist. My passion For Thai Massage is the core of my practice. I am personally interested in the healing and overall health of each person. Through my practice and education I hope to assist others in their healing process, blending yoga and and massage, meditation and other healing techniques. I create a safe space for you to absorb your therapeutic healing benefits.

“Love Beautifies the giver and elevates the receiver” ~ Swami Shiuananda